Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who is a Dad?

In the recent weeks, it has come to my attention that there is a serious relationship barrier for the vast majority of the kids in my class. I was given a very artfully crafted paper with the instructions to give it to my dad, which I of course did. As I was presenting this piece of treasure to my actual dad, he posed the question, "Did this little boy mean for me to give his work of art to my husband, Josh?" When given the artwork, I did ask a carefully thought out clarifying question to determine whether my dad, or my husband was to receive the gift. Response: my dad. Then, today, the same little boy gifted another piece of his art to Tess's dad, and since she is only 4, there was no question who the recipient would be. So, I decided to do a little more investigating. During lunch, I grabbed my family photo, and asked the kids to point to which guy in the picture was my dad. I'd guess 85% of the kids pointed to Josh, my husband. The kids who waited to answer picked up that maybe he wasn't really my dad and pointed to my real one. Maybe they're just better at distinguishing age...who knows. I tried to explain the difference between my dad, who raised me, and Josh, my husband that I am married to, except I didn't mention the word marriage or married because the really don't get it even more than dad's and husbands.

The difference is: My dad helped me grow up from a little girl to a big girl. My husband is my very best friend that I didn't meet until I was big, and now we're in love, and I wear rings on my finger to show that we love each other. Their complacent stares assured me that I had made little progress. They're hung up on me not living with my mom, so of course the guy I do live with, is my dad, and the me not having kids thing contributes a little to this mix up, too, I think.

Welcome Back!

In my anticipation for school to start after a week long Thanksgiving break, I expected little hilarity Monday, especially on such a rainy day. Much to my surprise, this group of kids surpassed my expectations with these little treasures.

I was taught a new song during potty patrol. I was standing just outside the doorway of the bathroom, when I hear this catchy little tune, (I will gladly sing it for anyone who requests a reenactment)
"I see your hiney,
 So bright and shiny.
 You better hide it,
 Before I bite it."
I walk in and see sweet Tess, pants down, bobbing around, watching her show in the mirror that is conveniently located on the wall opposite of the toilet. Immediately, I asked her, "Tess, will you please teach me that song?!" Obviously, my wish was granted. After school that afternoon, I told Tess to tell her dad what song she taught me. She whispered what song she had sung, to which he replied, "We are famous for all the wrong reasons."

And, while that story has enough funny to stand on it's own it didn't stop there. I learned, from Ivan, that 'Silent Night' is about a flag that goes around. The girl set of twins told me that their Mom is Christmas now, or something relatively similar about their Mom now being Christmas somehow. It was on a much higher level of thinking than I'm used to. Tess has also begun to fret that Santa will not bring her anything, because her aunt gave her the Barbie that she was wanting; and even though she would like a pillow pet, Santa will not bring her one since she already got the Barbie. It is getting very dramatic! I have also heard so many references to making a Christmas list in the last 2 days, that I just quit keeping track of who said what. It will be December tomorrow. Tomorrow, and I've lost track of everyone's Christmas wishes. Ho ho ho.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving! (early)

Here are some things to get you in the mood for the holiday:

While reading a Thanksgiving story, Tess asked Mrs. Penny why the boy had polka dots on his face. He wasn't sick, he just had some freckles. ha

I asked one of the more creative minds how pumpkin pie is made. You need some sugar, carrots, salt, crust, and then mix it up. Voila! Pumpkin pie. I can almost taste it. :)

We had a black out pep rally this morning, where all the lights are out and the cheerleaders distributed glow sticks to all the kids. You would've thought it was Christmas. Shrieks of joy deafened our ears. One 1st grader behind me, blew up her glow stick from bending it too much. Glow juice was everywhere. My kids kept whacking each other in the head while cheering for the cheerleaders and football players. I had to discourage my broken-legged girl not to chew on her glow stick. She didn't think it would poison her, but then again, what do I know?

Great send off into Thanksgiving break. What a boring week a head for me...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Questions Answered

If you have ever wondered why your arm feels tired after a nap, Dr. Ivan has figured it out. It may be the result of too many doughnuts. Of course!

If you have ever wondered who can save the world, Ivan the conqueror has the solution. His Pawpaw, and Uncle Zackie have guns, so they can save the world. We are so lucky!

If you've wondered the most fun way to wake up a classroom of 3 and 4 year olds-- banging an empty coffee can drum and shaking a tambourine may be that. I was encouraged to try this method today. The result: giggles, smiles, and kids who sleep right through it. Amazing!

If you have ever wondered why the tip of a toothpick is red-ish after poking a blueberry-- it's bleeding.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pilgrim Hats

We made pilgrim hats after rest, today. Ivan (I know) was struck by the beauty of one of the little girls, Maria. He told her she looked so pretty, and also said, "Maria, you just have to marry me.", as he followed her around the room. Upon hearing this, sweet Tess asked Karl (the one who calls me Miss Jedika) to marry her. Unfortunately, he declined her offer. "I don't want to marry you, Tess!" She took it well...she got distracted and forgot about her rejection in moments. Kids are so resilient.

As I have claimed before, the bathroom is where it is the funniest. The children involved will be remain nameless, you'll see why. When the kids woke up from rest time, one boy had had an accident, so I sent him into the bathroom to change. One little girl slipped in the bathroom to relieve herself. When I walk in the boy is pant-less, and the little girl is sitting on the toilet. Could be worse, right? I quickly block the girl from seeing "something", and get his extra clothes out...underwear first. Then I notice the small spot on the bottom of his shirt. Full wardrobe change. The boy whips his shirt off as I'm getting his pants unfolded, so he's just in his undies; the girl is ready to wash her hands but frozen on the stool, in curiosity. Standing on the stool gives her enough height to notice the pant-less boy. Thus the following question, as the boy's back is turned to her, "What is in the front?"
Boy: "Legs."
Girl: "Of your whole body..."
Boy: "Oh, you mean my race cars?" (the pattern of his underwear)
She was instructed to wash her hands the fastest she ever has in her short life, and I'm left wondering how she noticed his nudity around my body sitting on a stool, too. Tricky kids.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Friday, our prayer warrior, Ivan, thanked God for his two new best friends. "And thank you God that Kevin and Kameron and me are best friends, now. In Jesus name, Amen". Precious! And, because his new best friends are twins, he told me this morning that he would also like a twin brother... bahaha Good luck, little friend!

Speaking of the twins, they have this sweet little habit of referring to each other as "your brother" when they talk about each other. So, if Kevin falls and Kameron comes to tell me, he would say, "Your 'brudah' fell.". Usually I ask, if my "brudah" did whatever they're telling me, and they go right along with it. It's like I've been made an honorary family member. :) Similarly, they tell each other, "Kevin, your daddy is here.". So, it extends to their parents, too. I chuckle every time they do that.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Ivan has been quite the funny man lately. He's always got something worth posting, so why not dedicate a whole post to this kid?

I have been given permission by Ivan's mom to post this story.
Monday, all the way down the hall to chapel, Ivan was singing "Ima Be" by the Black Eyed Peas. Hilarious. One of the kids walking behind him asked why he was singing that song, which I'm sure this kid had no clue what song it was to begin with. Ivan explains he's singing the song because it's like his mom's name. It kind of does, because Ivan's last name begins with a 'B', too. So, when I tell Ivan's mom, she tells me the background. Ivan has heard a version of "Ima Be" made up by a few college students who call Ivan's mom Momma B. Hence, the song sounding like his mom's name. If you ask him to sing "Ima Be" to you, he'll gladly oblige you.

It has also come to my attention that Ivan is the secret boyfriend of several of the little girls in my class. He has no idea. The mom's of the little girls are starting to come clean about this Ivan love-fest. I mean, he is a really fun kid. He's funny, nice to everyone, can break-dance, and has been caught singing Justin Bieber tunes... What more could a girl ask for?! :)

He also knows how to wink, which I discovered yesterday, when I caught him winking at me. And he wasn't trying to joke anyone... You might say he was flirting a little. Ivan, you rascal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snarky Comments

You know those times when you ask a rhetorical question, and someone answers anyway. Yeah, 3 year olds always answer, too. And I know their intent isn't to be smart alecks. I mean, you can't blame them, they love to show off their smarts.

Example 1: It was one of those days when the kids must have had straight sugar for breakfast, and we're feeling more rambunctious then usual. They were not listening for anything, so Mrs. Penny posed the question, "When Mrs. Penny is talking, are you supposed to be talking?"; the kids chorus, "No". So, then she asks them, just to be clear, "Who else should be talking while I'm talking?". The answer: "God". (I turned around and excused myself to the bathroom to laugh.)

Example 2: Every month the kids are taught a new memory verse or two, so November 1, we began to learn Psalms 118:1 "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." Mrs. Penny asked the kids when God's love will end, hoping for an answer about His love lasting forever. Nope. A little girl pipes up and says that God's love will end today . A rewording was in order, I think.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


 Since it's now November, and we have a new theme in the classroom-- Thanksgiving, it seems somewhat appropriate to watch Pocahontas. That may have been a wrong assumption based off the reaction I witnessed this afternoon. During the part where Kocuom sneaks up on Pocahontas and John Smith and the scuffle ensues, then Kocuom gets shot...whew...I heard this little whimper directly behind me, basically in my ear, of one of the little girls. (in a whisper) "Oh no, he is dead. He is killed!". As she is whimpering about the dead Indian warrior, another little girl, Tess*, began to exclaim, "Oh dear! Pocahontas's necklace is......broken!" What extreme reactions! :)

Also during the movie, while watching Gov. Rattcliff was ranting about savages, another little girls says to me, "I think he should get a yellow card. He is not being kind." Of course there was a chorus of "He needs a yellow card!" from all the other kids. I think they're learning.

*Name changed