Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Recent Hilarity

Ivan collected all the boys, all being 5, in a huddle where they all put in their hands and began to huff like athletes do to pump themselves up, then after about 20 huffs the broke the huddle, while yelling, "Wildcats!". He is something else. Ivan also rallies the boys to to a call and answer bit from High School Musical, "What team is this?!" and then the boys are supposed to say, "Wildcats!". It's starting to catch on, thankfully.

Breathing has also become a serious notification in the last week or two. One of my little friends, Tara, excitedly tells me at various points during the day that she is in fact, breathing. After the prayer, definitely after PE, after rest, during lunch or story. It's a big deal to continue to breath during these many activities we do. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today's hilarity:
 "Redcoats, Redcoats!" Two of the girls yelled as the ran around the playground. First, how did they know that those words should be yelled with a tone of alarm? Second, supposing they aren't history buffs, how did they come up with redcoats and pair it with fear?

The daily serenades of Justin "Beaver" continues, and while no one has learned another song aside from "Baby", singing the same line over and over and over still entertains me. I've asked our main "Beaver" fan, Ivan, if he could sing me a new tune, but he refused, as he was brushing his sweaty hair to the side, like his favorite pop icon.

This morning's snack time was dominated by knock-knock jokes--the made up kind. Not the classic "orange you glad I didn't say banana"... After about 10 "histerical" jokes (oh, yes, I played the part of the cracked up teacher for all 10. Knee slapping included.), I decided to throw them for a loop. When asked, "Knock, knock?", I happily replied, "Come in!", or "Hi, Ivan!". It unfortunately only won me a blank stare for a split second before they continued on with their joking. I thought I was being clever...they'll catch up someday.

Recent hilarity:
Our Spring Music program was last week. The kids sang 3 songs, which all included some kinds of motions. Let me be the first to say, these kids are gamers. Most of them would slump around and stand perfectly still, no motions, no singing during our many music classes and rehearsals.  However, 7pm last Thursday, hips were swirling (although that face was stony), hand were put into pants, noses were picked, and dust particles caught. They sang their songs, mostly, and did a great job! If only I could post pictures... ha

It has come to my attention, and I shouldn't be too surprised, that these students do not know my last name. But asking them what my last name is turned a dreary morning, sunny. Basically, they just inserted their own last name. I now belong to about 12 different families, not including my own.

Today's sincerity:
I was told by one of the boys today, that I was his sister in Christ. Now if that isn't just the most precious thing to be told, I don't know what else is!