Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Recent Hilarity

Ivan collected all the boys, all being 5, in a huddle where they all put in their hands and began to huff like athletes do to pump themselves up, then after about 20 huffs the broke the huddle, while yelling, "Wildcats!". He is something else. Ivan also rallies the boys to to a call and answer bit from High School Musical, "What team is this?!" and then the boys are supposed to say, "Wildcats!". It's starting to catch on, thankfully.

Breathing has also become a serious notification in the last week or two. One of my little friends, Tara, excitedly tells me at various points during the day that she is in fact, breathing. After the prayer, definitely after PE, after rest, during lunch or story. It's a big deal to continue to breath during these many activities we do. :)

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Ivan's mom said...

I <3 Ivan.