Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year, more funnies

A welcome back summary of events is due.

An immediately noticeable Christmas break effect was the use of the words, "oh, poop", from 'Despicable Me'. While I thoroughly enjoy that movie, you just aren't allowed to say "oh, poop" at school, no matter how cute and funny it is. Sorry.

For our Bible lesson's for the month/unit, we are learning about the full armor of God. My favorite piece of armor is most definitely the 'belt of truth'. It has come in quite handy. Little do those poor kids realize, it is a great tool to resolve conflict, and the more they remember from our armor discussions, the less they want to answer my questions. ha When the kids come up to me, tattling, I make them put on their belt of truth, literally. Then, the kids figure out maybe this is not what they were hoping for when they sought out my assistance. So far, the truth has managed to come out.

Also, a bit of knowledge I have gleaned from our Bible time, is that the devil says stupid, and sometimes stupid words. He is a bad, bad guy, that devil, saying stupid. (I wish they could be so appalled at his stupid words forever.)

Yesterday was a snow day, so of course the kids wanted to play out in the snow for recess. One of our twins, Kevin, told the class that "we will play in the snow, and we will laugh!" Easy for him to say, he laughs all the time. He was so insistent we played in the snow.

While on potty patrol, my former broken legged girl told me that when she is done being in Mrs. Penny's class, she will go to 6th grade. Way to go, kid! She also refuses to accept that she will have another birthday between now and Christmas. She said she'd ask her dad... I've said it once, and I'm sure I'll say it a million times, they don't think I'm too smart.

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